Completely and Totally Unnecessary

Sometimes, I just feel like doing some completely unnecessary project.

I made my bridesmaids cute little boxes to ask them, because it sounded like fun.


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Shamrock declined cute little boxes for the groomsmen, and our parents are in either way, but we still had Shamrock’s niece and nephew. Because who appreciates a cute ask more than a five year old boy? (Answer: Basically everyone.)

But I had suuuuch a cute idea. So I did it anyhow, and we gave it to him on Sunday when their family was in for my shower.

I think his mom already told him he’s going to be the ringbearer, and now he’s OBSESSED with the fact that he’ll be carrying Shamrock’s ring AND MINE. (I guess the fact that he gets both rings is a big deal–this could be interesting because he’ll be really upset if he carries fake rings and yet I’m not entirely confident he’ll actually get all the way down the super long aisle.)

Anyhow, he loves puzzles, so I wanted to ask him with a puzzle.


I found the puzzle for 99 cents in the kids crafts section at Michaels. I was picturing something smaller, but this was what I found, and it was cheap, so I went with it. I started by folding up a piece of scratch paper to mimic the divisions of the puzzle pieces.


Once I was happy with the design, I used the divisions on the paper to help me transfer the design to the puzzle, and then I colored it in with Sharpies in our wedding colors-ish (because you know who’s going to appreciate that? 5 year old boys.)


And then I broke it up and put it in a box. (I hoard old boxes, so I just put a label on this one to cover up the logo.)


I had a long internal debate about the whole “aunt” thing since I’m not his aunt, and his mom asked him back when we got engaged if he was going to call me “Aunt” and he said not until he had to. But he sent a valentine addressed to both of us, and my name had Aunt next to it, so I’m going with it. He can deal.

Hopefully he enjoys putting the puzzle together at least!

What’s your most totally unnecessary project? Did you do something for someone who was not going to appreciate it at all?

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