Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Sourcing Supplies

(This is probably a boring post if you aren’t doing invitations yourself–but if you are, read on!)

Once we had a plan for our invitations, it was time to start gathering the supplies.


Mrs. Cupcake says: Start with the envelope

I looked at a whole bunch of places, aiming for a pale aqua color (like a muted Tiffany blue). I could have ordered samples but I didn’t care that much. If it’s only close, oh well. My goal was to match the ink color on our invites, a teal green without being brighter. Colors on monitors vary and all that, so if thats important to you definitely get some samples. (Oh, and I was too cheap to spend $10 on bonus envelopes.)

For the envelopes I checked out:

  • Paper Presentation (the image is not a photo of the product which was irritating.) $23/100 (25/pack)
  • Paper and More! $23.98/100 (50/pack)
  • Action Envelope (a zillion colors. Seriously) $23.98/100 (50/pack) NOW ENVELOPES.COM
  • Envelope Mall $19.95/100 (100/pack)
  • Paper-Papers (must buy $250. No thank you.)
  • Paper Source $38.25/100 (10/pack)
  • The Papermill Store (They name all their envelopes by the real colors, so if you’re familiar with Astrobrights or other brand names, you know exactly what color you’re getting.) (must buy 250)
  • Quill Once I chose what I wanted, I googled around for who else sold it. Quill had free shipping but unfortunately did not have paper. Shamrock convinced me to not be cheap and buy the matching paper. Then I convinced him I didn’t need it that bad. Quill it was.

I needed letterpress paper, so there weren’t a ton of options:

  • Holyoke Direct is where I purchased from, because they were the only store I could find with precut paper. They’re know for their own stock, but I went for Crane’s Lettra because it was cheaper, and no one was going to notice. I knew from Mrs. Panda they have slow shipping. They also have terrible customer service–I suspected that based on internet reviews but also experienced it myself. Ultimately it only took 2 weeks to arrive, but they were totally unresponsive and then once they did respond (when I said I wanted to cancel my order) very, very rude.
  • Keldon also just started carrying precut Lettra and I wish I had ordered from them. They were much nicer and easier to deal with, and the pricing was comparable.
  • Plenty of other places stocked the paper but I would have had to get it cut myself and that didn’t seem worth dealing with

For the general letterpress supplies I bought two tubes of ink and a brayer (Amazon). My custom plate was purchased from Boxcar Press, which was absolutely fantastic. And we picked up some baby wipes. Oh, and I bought a pack of vellum to make the map & belly bands.

I would count this as everything we needed, but thats because I already had the Cuttlebug and L Letterpress Platform, which would probably run you at least $100–since I’ve had one for years and the other was a gift and has already been used for other projects, I feel comfortable leaving those out of my total cost. And what was that total cost?

Our total costs:

  • Envelopes $23.35
  • Return Address Stamp (used on any piece of paper related to the wedding that got mailed) $21.35
  • Letterpress Paper $52.49
  • Vellum $10.99
  • Ink & Brayer $20ish
  • Plate $59.04
  • Baby Wipes $2.31
  • I used a cutting plate Shamrock got me for Christmas to embellish the belly bands, as well as glue dots I already owned to seal them.
  • Total (minus postage & the cutting plate) $189.37 (add $100+ if you don’t have Cuttlebug & L Letterpress Platform already)
  • Postage was a Forever stamp (I almost bought these early but was convinced I’d need a 66 cent stamp. They weighed 0.88 and anything under an ounce is a Forever stamp, but otherwise I’d have a lifetime supply of wedding stamps–and it was still cheaper than 66 cents each!) I spent $50 ish.

Oh, and like 15 hours of my life. But you know what? It wasn’t bad at all. I promised Shamrock he wouldn’t have to help (he would have preferred to buy invitations) but the two of us did all of it together, which I love. It was a lot of work, but not terribly difficult, especially once we got the hang of it. And this was my ONE THING. I didn’t need to splurge on it (and obviously I didn’t!) but I really, really wanted to make my own invites. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Now, would I do it for someone else? Not what we did. But invites for a friends destination wedding? Baby shower invites? Absolutely.

On a related note, I tried to think carefully about other stuff I would want at the same time. So when I bought the envelopes for our invitations, I also thought about where else I might want to use those colors (like on placecards, programs or thank you cards) so I could buy it all at once. So when I bought the precut cards for my invites, I threw in a pack of pre-scored cards to make notecards too. I’m not saying I always succeeded…but I tried!

Did you make your own invitations? For love of crafting or to save some money? Any regrets?


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