The Words I Couldn’t Say

(Ok, maybe just the ones I shouldn’t…)

Happy Wedding season everyone!

Friday Shamrock’s best man got married*, this weekend KPJP get married (I introduced them!), the next weekend my awesome girls have planned a whole weekend for my bachelorette and another pair of friends gets married the following weekend. Holy weddings, batman!

I also had another shower, thrown by my dad’s wife (with my mom’s blessing), the last weekend in May.

Since our invitations have already gone out, I’m using my wedding-ish thank you cards that we letterpressed (the earlier project that I referred to when I said we didn’t think letterpressing two colors would be bad).


This was a family & parent’s friends shower, so not only did I get gifts from the 20 or so people that were there, but I got gifts from nearly as many who weren’t (almost none of my family is local and Shamrock’s family sent some gifts as well). I was totally overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.

And now I get to write a lot of thank you notes. BM Mathlete and Friend Wedding Planner did a great job of keeping everything organized at the shower, and I’ve been slowly ticking them off the list. My mom instilled quick thank yous, and generally I find them pretty easy.

Dear Aunt,

Thanks so much for coming.

Nice to see you.

Thanks for the gift.

Specific statement about gift (we’ll use it for, its perfect for, it was the thing I really wanted, etc)

Personal statement (hope to see at the wedding, see you soon, etc)

Love, Clover

The ones I can’t write?

The ones where most of the above doesn’t apply.

My out of town family is fine, because I’ve seen most of them fairly recently and everyone that sent me a gift is coming to the wedding. Also, I’ve actually met them. I haven’t met all of Shamrock’s extended family and one of my parent’s friends, and some of them won’t be coming to the wedding. So, the thank you notes I can’t actually write:

Dear Aunt Shamrock,

Thank you for your ___ gift. [specific gift statement.]  We will miss you at the wedding, which you aren’t attending because no one you wanted to hang out with was going.  I hope to meet you sometime in the future at a family function to which enough cool people/people you want to see are attending. (Or maybe: I hope to meet you when someone more important than us gets married.)

Best, Clover

Or the very nice gift from my Dad & his wife’s close friend who is unable to attend the wedding or the shower, but sent a generous gift to the shower all the same.

Dear Parent Friend,

Thank you so much for your ___ gift. [specific gift statement.]  We will miss you at the wedding, and will actually probably never meet you. It was so nice of you to think of us and send such a nice gift. I hope my parents give your children something nice too!

Best, Clover

I wrote much more appropriate thank you notes than these, but it was sure fun making them up!

What are the thank you notes you can’t actually write? This week is super stressful with so much going on (my students take their AP test Friday) and I could use some laughs!

*I missed the ceremony because I couldn’t take Friday off, but enjoyed their dinner cruise reception.


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