Shoe Enough

My checklists are telling me I’m past due on attire details, so I have shoes on the brain right now. Luckily, I only have a few requirements.

  • Flats, or at least a heel under an inch. I rarely wear heels and Shamrock isn’t much taller than I am, so I see no reason to go for heels.
  • No open toes. This includes peep toe. I’m missing my big toe nail so I avoid exposed toes (I didn’t wear flip flops in public for like 10 years). Also it looks a little awkward and sometimes things pinch into the hole where the nail should be. (Sorry, TMI)
  • Not too pointy. Really pointy shoes make me think of witches.
  • Some shade of blue or green.

Hm, maybe not so few. While there are lots of nice heels out there, flats that look appropriate for a wedding are a bit harder to come by.There were a few that seem like they could be options:

FancyShoes   Loeffler Randall Milla in mint on Zappos. Image via Polyvore | Earth Belwether via Nordstrom (looks cream, but it says its green) Kate Spade NY Tock via Nordstrom | French Sole Zeppa Wedge via Nordstrom   These are the more expensive versions of styles I liked, but plenty of these come in more affordable similar versions as well. Shoes

Blue by Betsey Johnson Dance via Online Shoes | Fergalicious Adele Fabric flat via DSW (Similar to the Ivanka Trump Haydn flat ?) Target Shae Ballet Flat | Target Brayln Flat For awhile I really liked the Betsey Johnson shoes–you can see the blue sole peeking out here, which is a cute touch.

I’m apparently blind and didn’t notice the shoes weren’t light blue but light blue GLITTER the first time I looked, but I’m not sure how much that matters. I actually found these on Zappos, and sadly the reviews aren’t great. The sizing is off (fixable) but they aren’t very comfy. Sad.

The bottom pairs (from Target) are both cute and super affordable. They remind me of the Frye flats (Carson and Agnes) but I wonder if they’re a little plain? (Also, does anyone have Frye flats? Would they be worth it? I do wear flats every day…)

So now I’m thinking about getting a more plain pair and making it my own. I’m not a bling-y person, but I like the idea of a flower (which could tie in really well to the sash I plan on making for my dress).


Image via Mrs. Panda, tutorial by Mrs. Mink

I could DIY these, find them on Etsy, or somewhere like Dessy. I also like the little pearl cluster ones, and my friend says we could totally make those ourselves. Or you know, I could just wear regular shoes since no one sees them. 🙂

How did you find your wedding shoes? Any other brides looking for flats?


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