All the Things at Once

I know I’ve been a little sporadic lately and my posts haven’t been the best. I still can’t quite figure out what to say, so please bear with me!

We’re getting married in five weeks.

My other shower was three weeks ago.

Shamrock’s best man was married two weeks ago.

Last week found us in Indiana at KPJP’s barn wedding, the day after two of my classes took the AP exam we’ve been preparing for all year.

This weekend I’m heading to Michigan for my bachelorette.

And next weekend we have our third wedding of the month, this one for a couple we’re friends with from church.

I’m busy. I’m sure you get it.

But I’ve left something out.

One month ago, we made an offer on a house. There were five offers, and they picked us. We’ve been looking since January, but not super seriously, more in a lets-see-whats-out-there way. Our house came on the market the week I was on spring break, when Shamrock had taken off work too. We had already made the appointment with the realtor’s assistant and we switched it at the last second. We saw it at 2, and everyones “best & final” offer had to be in by 4. So we did it. And we got it.

And now here we are. We close three days before the wedding.

And while we don’t need my condo to sell in order to buy the new house, we don’t really want to pay two mortgages either. So my condo will go on the market Monday.


Personal photo. The bathroom I gutted and redid two years ago. I’ll miss you, heated floor.

So like I said before, we get married in five weeks. Before we do that, we’ll buy our first home, together. And if we’re lucky, before we do that, I will sell my beloved condo. It’s a lot. I recognize that. I mostly feel fine about it, but every now and again I stop and wonder what on earth we’re thinking. And then I get over it, because the wheels are already turning so there’s no point wasting time thinking about it. We have too much to do!

In one sense the timing is less than ideal, trying to buy and sell and get married all at the same time. But on the other hand, buying a house was always going to be our next step, and we’ll be just fine for taking it now.

My posts get jumbled in my head right now, twisted in with things like bathroom tile. Shamrock has been amazing. He knows I wanted to wait, and has done everything he possibly can to take on most of this. He’s pulled all of both of our documentation for the mortgage, talked with the realtor, went to most of the inspection (I had to miss half to meet with the caterer). I’m so excited about our new house and the new adventures that await us there, mixed in with a little bit of OMG-change-is-weird. I still have lots of wedding things to tell you, and I promise I’m not going to disappear–just wanted to explain why I’m a bit muddled right now! So please bear with me as I adjust to everything, all at once!

Anyone else buying or bought a house right before the wedding? (And please don’t tell me how crazy we are–I already know!)


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