Saving Seats

We’ve already established that sometimes I make things way harder than they need to be.

This is another one of those times.

I started on the placecards way back in January, after my epic wedding weekend with Crafty. I wanted a lot from those little pieces of paper:

  • Guest’s name
  • Guest’s table assignment
  • Entree choice
  • Room assignment

You may recall that our venue is an old mansion, and so guests will be seated in three rooms for dinner (yes, I understand this may offend some people so much they would never want to speak to me again, but I’m not related to or friends with any of them. I’ve asked. It’s fine. I appreciate your concern.) I wanted some way to indicate which room people were seated in as well–it didn’t need to be obvious, but I wanted the staff and a few other people to be able to tell to help facilitate seat finding.

Since the multiple rooms is confusing enough, we nixed the idea of naming our tables early on. I’ve seen lots of cute ones, but I’ve also heard of guests wandering around for 15 minutes because “Michigan Avenue” has no clear relationship with “Millennium Park” and they couldn’t remember which part of the ballroom they’d already looked at or if they were getting closer. I definitely don’t want a guest wandering around the wrong room entirely, so names were out and numbers in.

And to add to my list of requirements, assuming the weather is nice cocktail hour will be outside on the patio and in the gardens, and there isn’t anywhere good to put a table for place cards. So I need them to be able to be hung, but not look weird if it rains and they are inside and not hung.

View More:

Image via Caili Helsper Photography/Katie & Ben’s Wedding | Cheney Mansion

You can see the stairs where people will enter after the cocktail hour in the back of this photo–I want people to be able to pick up their card and head inside. So I started pinning ideas, hoping it would give me some direction.


Via Elizabeth Anne DesignsPhotography – Amanda McMahon Photography 

I love how these are hanging on ribbons, and the ombre effect is so pretty (especially since my colors aren’t all that firm).


Via Rehearsal Dinner Guide | ostensibly from weddingwire

You could also hang things on something, but the fence isn’t nearby, and I wouldn’t want to make people untie anything…


Via Oh So Beautiful PaperPhoto by Annabella Charles, Calligraphy by Natalie Chang via Magnolia Rouge

Real leaves? So cute. But probably really impractical–I would assume that has to basically be done day of!


Mrs. Stiletto’s Escort Cards | Photo by Laurie Peacock Photography | Tutorial 

So pretty. She used a favorite book of poetry to make the flowers and you can just barely see how they are nestled in grass.

Eventually I narrowed it down. The elements I like?

  • Hanging them from a ribbon–this low profile idea should be able to fit near the doorway
  • Using colors to represent different choices (both for meals and for rooms)

And after a lot of brainstorming I came up with the most labor-intensive place cards ever…and then pawned half the work off on Mama Clover. But she’s been at it since January and promises she’s quite enjoying herself.

Once we get some names on them and a more complete mock up I can’t wait to share! And I’d like your opinion–where would you put them? The cocktail hour is outside, guests will enter from the patio, and then filter in to the dining rooms. The foyer is beyond those rooms. I know placecards are usually inside, but is that because the whole wedding is inside or because it’s weird to put placecards outside? (And we tested for wind–they won’t blow away!)

What did you use for your place cards? Where did you put them? Have you ever seen placecards outside?


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