Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Way back last summer, I was so proud to check “Draft invitation wording” off my checklist.

Then we got started on a draft, and I realized maybe the “Together with their families, Miss Clover and Shamrock…” wasn’t all they were referring to.

Oh no, I needed more. I need reception cards. I need reply cards.

And hold on a minute…I need to decide how to do the response. Sending in an RSVP is the traditional route–the card ties in with your overall look, you include a stamped self-addressed envelope, and get all kinds of fun replies.

CorgiTales RSVP

From Hive member CorgiTales found here


Mrs. Eggs Benedict has even more funny choices in her post!

Side note, I was telling Shamrock all the cute things people can do with or write on their response cards and he was so confused. Finally, he goes, “Does anyone even read that? I just get it and go, oh, chicken or beef?” Men. Sigh.

You can even do a postcard to save a little money on postage.


Mrs. Lollipop asked her guests to draw a duck. So random. So awesome.

But what about online RSVP? Is that tacky? Will it confuse people? Mrs. Sword had a great experience with hers.

I considered a bunch of things:

  • How formal is our wedding? (Regular? Not super fancy, but not casual either.)
  • How traditional are our families? (Pretty traditional, but not sticklers for details or anything.)
  • Does everyone have a computer? (Almost, one guest doesn’t. Most of our guests even know how to turn them on and connect to the internet.)
  • What’s the other option? (Our phone number.)

For us, it didn’t look like online RSVP would cause many issues, and for many of our guests it would likely be easier than finding a mailbox. We have one guest without a computer, and a couple more who might be more comfortable on paper than online, but most of our guests will be just fine.

I know some people offer all their guests both, but I found that silly. If I’m going to pay for return postage in every invite, you might as well return it to me. And I thought it might be tacky to NOT pay for return postage. So, you get one or the other in my book. After discussing it, and asking our parents and some friends, it was time to pick something.

The decision was made: we’re going online. Now what?

Did you use traditional response cards or online? What was the funniest RSVP you received?


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