Styling a Sash

When I bought my dress, I knew I didn’t love the blingy belt. I’m just not a sparkly person (colorful, yes, blingy, no). The dress came with a sash that was a little too narrow to suit the dress (it looks best on me with a very wide sash) that also had a sparkly medallion. (Interestingly, the sash was a green very close to what we ultimately picked for the bridesmaids dresses!)


Not mine, but very similar | DIY Bride Boutique on Etsy

Mama Clover and I knew we wanted to replace the sash with something both wider and less sparkly, with some pretty silk flowers–similar to the one I tried on in the store. And so, one fall afternoon, we did it. We took scissors to my dress, front & center, and carefully snipped the sash off. Eep! I bought several silk flowers from Hobby Lobby (found in both the ribbon section and the making-little-girls-headbands section) after scouting the selection there as well as Michaels & Joann. Now we just need to figure out how to do this thing.


Alfred Angelo Sash 12

The look we’re going for is somewhat similar to this sash by Alfred Angelo, although with less contrast and more flowers. Belt Q by Enzoani, below, comes in white as well.


Belt Q by Enzoani

I also liked Belt E and Fern Belt by Enzoani, although the Fern Belt had a little too much going on for me. We’re going back and forth on having it be a simple belt or more of a flowing sash (ala Mrs. Camel) but I think we’ll go with a belt most likely. But the big question is–what color? Right now we’re thinking of finding a sash in a pale blue or aqua. But should I go white? Clover green to match my girls? A pale silver? I want it to go with the bridesmaids, and we’ll also do a sash of the same color for our flower girl (who has three dresses!) and a tie for the ring bearer. I plan on going with white/offwhite flowers either way, but I could really use some input here–fashion isn’t my thing.

What did you wear with your dress? Anyone else make their own sash? Any advice for my style-challenged self?


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