RSVP Roundup

Last week I talked about we decided to do an online rsvp.

We decided to use RSVPify, and it went…ok.


Shamrock found and set it up, and it was definitely one of those things that I just…let go. So, what happened?

First, Shamrock tried to embed it and the embed didn’t work properly. It mostly worked, but not entirely–it was actually our mothers who reported it didn’t work, and we assumed, you know, mothers. Turns out it really did have issues, although only on a few platforms (in our case, older Macs)–so we were getting RSVPs, which made it hard to determine that we weren’t getting ALL the RSVPs. Our other issue could have been solved by careful reading: the free version allows only 100 RSVPs. Any RSVP at all to your event counts (so all the times I rsvped for Mickey and Minnie just to test the system were included)–and we were well over 100 RSVPs. That was our second issue–it locked out when we hit 100 but we weren’t notified. So for a day or two a few weeks before our RSVP date you COULDN’T reply. We paid for a monthly subscription then (because we needed only one month) but it was an annoyance.

Are these issues RSVPify’s fault? Nope, not at all.

But I was the one who thought an online RSVP would be good, and to be honest, I wouldn’t do it again. I still do think it was more convenient, but I would worry about encountering some technical difficulty again. It would have been worth the stamps and envelopes (maybe. I think.)

Shamrock thought people may be less likely to use the online rsvp, but that wasn’t exactly the case. I know a couple guests called someone else to RSVP for them, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. We did include our phone number for those who wanted that option, but only three people did, so it actually DIDN’T seem like computer savvy-ness was an issue. However, I do think it influenced our “no” replies–a lot of them didn’t use the online rsvp. Some wrote us a note (especially Shamrock’s family–how proper) but others basically told one of our mothers and that was it. I waited til the RSVP date to count them as officially “no” but I would think if there was a card they probably would have sent it back.

My all time favorite no response came from my mom’s cousin, who was able to come to my shower and let me know then she and her husband were unable to attend the wedding. She’s a very energetic person, and so am I, so read our voices like that in your head.

Aunt: I am so bummed, but I wanted to tell you we won’t be able to come to the wedding. I really wanted to, but we’ll be out of town.

Clover: I’m sorry to hear you can’t make it. Where are you going?

A: Ireland. Well, Ireland and England, but we’ll be in Ireland then. The trip’s planned around Wimbledon [she’s a huge tennis player].

C: Oh, that sounds so neat. I bet it will be a great time.

A: It should, but I just…I know you don’t actually care that I’m there because there will be plenty of other fun people and you probably won’t even notice. But I wanted to go. For myself. Because I would have had a fun time.

It was hilarious. She’s always a lot of fun to be around (so I totally will notice that she isn’t there) but it cracked me up how she was disappointed for herself because she hates to miss a party.

Oh, and we asked for song requests at the end, which generated some great responses (and plenty of standard “call me maybe” replies too). My favorites:

  • Baileys. Lots of Baileys. [That’s, um, not a song.]
  • Dance? At our age? Ha. But we’re looking forward to it.
  • [20 songs. Seriously.]
  • I’m so excited to come. I would like you to play the Tango, the Waltz, and maybe the Foxtrot. [None of these are actual songs. They’re dances, and I have no idea which one is which. But I’ll tell the DJ!]
  • [Ringbearer] wants What does the Fox Say [We had to google this one. Its very popular in elementary school according to MOH Sis.]

Any other questions about RSVPify? Anyone else get amusing comments on (or off) your RSVPs?


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