The Home Stretch

Our RSVP date was Saturday, which means the wedding is almost here. How did that happen?!

This past weekend was packed with a wedding (the third of the month!), my hair & makeup trial and a LOT of wedding related paper work. This? Is not the fun part. We started on our seating chart, and now many of the things remaining on our to do list are “finalize this” and “confirm that”–and of course one or two projects I may or may not still do!

My hair trial turned out exactly how I wanted (despite me vaguely saying, “I want it up…like here….curled. Pinned?”)


Personal photo

But what really made it feel real? Yesterday we had an appointment with the organist at the church to choose our music. They give you a cd in your info folder, which Shamrock listened to and then noted his favorites. We asked at our meeting with the wedding coordinator if we had to meet with him or if we could do it via email. She said email was probably fine but she recommended meeting because a) its sort of fun to have him play the organ just for you and b) how else are you ever going to get into the choir loft? It’s not included on any tours (and I was a tour guide) because it only seats 24 people and the stairs are tiny and twisty and hard to get to. And the view is awesome (I reeeaally wish I’d taken a picture).


Fourth Church | Image from Kevin Weinstein Photography (they have an actual choir for their wedding! The choir loft is in the center of the picture)

And she was right. It was really cool. The organist warmed up to us once he realized I was a parishoner (and he knows a bunch of our wedding guests) and everything just fell into place. We chose processionals and recessionals and hymns. Shamrock wanted to a responsorial psalm (very common in Catholic church not at all in Presbyterian) and the organist was excited for it which was great. He had suggestions for everything, he takes care of finding and contracting for the soloist, it’s all going be beautiful.

And sitting up in that choir loft, listening to the song we’ll be using for the processional…it hit me. We’re getting married. The next time I hear this song, on this organ, in this place, I’ll be at the other end of the aisle, and Shamrock will be waiting for me at the front. Whoa.

We left with everything but the psalm chosen and a copy of the Hymnal. We had a showing last night, so we went out to dinner with our hymnal and I read opening lines from all the responsorial psalms to Shamrock. In a bar. Its what all the cool kids are doing, right?

Now I’m trying to remind myself that many of my not-yet-done items aren’t that big of a deal, like a candy bar (halfway there!) and a photo display (a nice idea completely in our heads). Overall though? I’m feeling pretty good. We’ve got a lot of stuff to confirm and projects still do to but….all of those things are just details (except meeting with the pastor. We do really need to meet with the pastor). We’re checking things off

What made it feel real to you?



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