A Bachelorette Escape

Right in the middle of everything-happens-in-May, my bachelorette weekend finally came around.

Both my shower and my bachelorette were planned so MOH Sis was able to fly in from California, and all of my close friends were able to make it too. I’m not a going-out kind of girl–I rarely drink and I’m definitely more of a morning person, so a night out at the bars wasn’t going to be a good fit. My friend MC offered to host the bachelorette party for me ages ago. And not just any party, a weekend at her family friend’s vacation house in Michigan. Totally my speed!


Would have been a cute picture of Sis and I. Even better with an MC photobomb. | All photos personal

After making a quick appearance at prom, we picked up MOH Sis and GM BFF (yep, we brought a boy, but he’s my oldest friend. And…we all like boys? So at least there was that!) and headed up to Michigan. Five other friends joined us, and the nine of us spent the first night hanging out, playing cards, eating and trying the wines the liquor store recommended (the red got a resounding no–ew). MOH Sis proudly presented me with a Bride headband and cup (“I crafted!”) and BM Blondie even made me a “Bride” tank!


We lost at Taboo. But only by one point. And Team A still thinks you can’t say “Indiana” if the word is Indy 500!

Saturday morning we relaxed with breakfast and more hanging out before we walked the block to Lake Michigan, kicked off our shoes and walked along the beach (it wasn’t very warm so we didn’t get in the water, but at least it didn’t rain!) We wandered around downtown New Buffalo for a few hours and then headed back to relax before our night out.


Obligatory awkward table shot–its the only one of all of us. Note my bride tank & headband! My sister kept muttering, “I should have done a veil”

We had dinner at the Stray Dog, which was delicious, and then headed back to the house for bachelorette fun. The mantel was decorated with a panty line and my girls (and guy) were ready to play. I sort of knew about this because Shamrock and I had lunch with GM BFF a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that although he was excited to join us, he was a little unnerved by the word “panty” on the invitation.

I think we got a different invitation. I don’t think I was supposed to know that.

Once we were all settled in with a drink in hand, BM Blondie and MC read me a panty line poem (it was the same one Mrs. French Bulldog wrote about) and then I had to guess.


Oh, hive. I was TERRIBLE at this. Is anyone good at it? I got everything wrong, over and over. It was hilarious. They made me take a picture wearing them (over my jeans) for all the ones I got wrong. Which was…all of them. I got some super cute underwear though–BM Blondie even had a pair embroidered with “Mrs. Clover” which was too adorable. After that we played the newlywed game, and I was much more talented. I got most of them, including the ones where I made a weird face and said, “I have no clue.”–neither did Shamrock. We followed it up with a rousing game of Bachelorette Jenga (handmade by MC’s roommate with questions/commands on every one).

(Side story: At my family shower, Shamrock’s aunt kept asking REALLY LOUDLY if I’d had a personal shower yet. “Oh, your bridesmaids threw you a shower? Was it a PERSONAL shower?”)

The whole weekend was just fantastic, and exactly what I hoped for–quality time with most of my favorite people just hanging out. My only regret was that we somehow neglected to play Pitch–a favorite of five of the girls. But long walks along the beach, games and delicious food were exactly what I wanted, and I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends to plan it all for me. I visited Crafty this past weekend and she told me she keeps saying its the best bachelorette she’s ever been to…awwww!


And if you’re wondering how our token male fared….GM BFF escaped way too much girl chatter by cleaning everything all the time, so our shoes were perpetually lined up by the door and the kitchen was clean. And he bought me boy underwear. Some things are just too much to ask.

Any boys at your bachelorette? What was your favorite part?



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