Collecting Cards

Over Christmas break, MOH Sis, Mama Clover and I spent some quality time checking out my wedding to-do list and getting stuff done.

We took a break from discussing bridesmaid dresses to check out card box ideas.

Birdcage card box

Image via Ebay Cage originally from Weddingstar

A birdcage isn’t really my style (MOH Sis and I both get totally freaked out by birds–must be some blocked childhood memory). I did love the different look of the banner wound through this one though.

pink cardbox

Image via Weddingthingz

I’ve seen some pretty cute stacked boxes, although I never quite understand the ones made to look like cakes. I always thought the point was that it looks like a cute stack of gifts?


Image via Sarah Bray Photography

Mama Clover suggested a mailbox, but since our reception is in a house, putting a mailbox inside the house sounded confusing to me. And putting the card box outside? Even more confusing.


Image via Going to the Chapel

We were okay with the idea of a suitcase, which could fit in with the kind of vintage-y feel of the house.

And then Mama Clover came up with it–a picnic basket! I haven’t seen that one before, and that seems like it would fit nicely with the garden party feel we’re aiming for. She has a couple of picnic basket-esque options, so we just need to choose one and pop a cute sign on the front!

What are you using for your card box?


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