Trading Up

In just a few weeks, I’ll have a new last name. I’ll go from the name I was born with to Shamrock’s family name. I can’t say I gave it a ton of thought. My mom and her mom both dropped their maiden and kept their middle (and I was called Mary Middle til I was 8, so it can’t just disappear–and surprisingly, I’m not Catholic).

Of course, I’m sad that I will no longer be MC (what will happen to my t-shirt?).


As we were leaving work the other day, a coworker asked what my new last name will be. (That’s also my students new favorite question these days, and then they ask if they can still call me Miss Clover.)

As I answered, MC added, “downgrade!” (Not meaning Shamrock, of course, the new last name.) MC feels virtually anything other than a variant on her last name would be a downgrade, so on the car ride home, we discussed.

  • I’m moving from the beginning of the alphabet (C) to the middle (M). Status: Downgrade for sure. Its nicer going early than waiting!
  • C is easier to spell than M. Status: Downgrade (not that its hard to spell, my last name is just fairly foolproof).
  • I’ll be MM Status: Neutral. (Although my email will still start with MR….darn it. Its embarrassing to tell kids “email me at mrclover”)
  • Shamrock and I will share the same last name and become a family. Status: Upgrade. And the only one that actually matters.

I know some people out there who would LOVE to try on a new last name. BM Mathlete was pretty sad to give hers up, but she got a pretty great new one in exchange. I used to live near the Christmas family, and I thought that would be a hilarious last name for me. And my camp counselor one year had the unfortunate last name of Heinie (say it out loud) and was dating the cuuuutest boy counselor….whose last name was Stankey. Can you imagine if they got married and hyphenated?!

It will definitely be a big adjustment, especially since as a teacher I’m called Miss Clover dozens of times a day. But I’m pretty sure I’m up to the challenge!

So, all in fun…are you upgrading or downgrading?


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