Leaving Your Mark

Last fall, I developed a mild obsession with guest book options. I didn’t want a plain book (does anyone ever look at those again?), I didn’t want objects…I didn’t know what I should do.

If we were going to do the book thing…

Using our engagement pictures for a guestbook would be pretty nice and get our awesome pictures some more love–or we could use pictures from a photobooth (except I’m not sure if we’ll have one of those). I’ve also seen people take a coffee table book and have their guests sign on the pictures, which is a pretty cool idea. But I’m still concerned a book would sit on a shelf and never get looked at, so I moved on.


Via WeddingWire

I had the same issue with wish cards (even tied onto a tree–so cute!) and wishing stones (I guess you could decorate with your rocks after the wedding). Wine bottles aren’t a good fit for us (I barely drink and Shamrock isn’t into wine) and quilt squares aren’t quite my speed. 


Via PaperyNook on Etsy

Then I saw Jenga. I loved this idea–we love board games, we could use it after the wedding! But Shamrock already has Jenga and it seems like a better fit for a smaller wedding since there are only 40ish pieces.


Papery Nook on Etsy

I also heard of someone doing a puzzle piece guest book (I think it was on the boards but I can’t find it now) which sounded cute but I was confused–do you put it together? Are the names on the front?

No, I wanted something we could see, but I didn’t want it to look to wedding-y. A large monogram could be cool, but we’re already using a giant M above the mantel–another one would be overkill. Maps are adorable too and I absolutely love maps. But I’m from Illinois and he’s from Indiana. Lame. Next.


Here & There on Etsy (This is so great if you’re from non-neighboring states)

Oh, or a globe! Our condo is pretty small and Shamrock doesn’t have the map fascination that I do, but I loved this one, and I want something we can use in our home. I’m definitely in for something that will go on the wall–there are so many cute and personalized ideas. From an adorable shadow box filled up with hearts with all your guests names…


Via Etsy

To the ubiquitous (probably only on blogs) but oh-so-adorable fingerprint  tree/balloons/anything round. But I don’t want our guests to have to risk ink on their clothes.


Pinecone and Peridot on Etsy

So I’m sold on something cool that we can use in our house. I’d like for it to represent our guests, but hopefully be subtle enough that it doesn’t scream “this is from our wedding.” And I thought of the perfect thing!


Personal photo. Sorry to tease–I’ll explain tomorrow!

What did you do for a guestbook? I am amazed at all the cool ideas out there!


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