Schools Out for Summer

Today is my last day of work (and I am not exaggerating when I tell you only 10% of the staff showed up today–everyone else took personal days since these are just make up cold days). Grades were in Friday, I finished packing up my classroom yesterday and today is just…waiting for the bell.

And running through the last of the wedding task list, which is mostly nothing interesting–just as Miss Llama talked about yesterday. I’m making endless phone calls, finalizing timelines and other details and wrapping things up. Shamrock did our program and our menu, we meet with our pastor for the final time tonight (he’s the last minute sort).

My biggest last minute thing, which has gotten quite bigger than I intended, is the Sweets Table. I’m hoping to write up a post about it today (nope, not even pretending to work) but we’ll see.



Such a cute example via Neil Boyd Photography (except in our colors!)

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, weddings can bring out the crazy in people. I’ve definitely had my fair share of crazy (and my fair share of I’m-seriously-getting-auditted-at-work-NOW??) in the lead up, but there have also been some really nice moments.

My mom has done a million projects, executing my ideas over and over and being ready and willing to do everything. My dad’s wife has made schedules of schedules of schedules, taking all sorts of logistics and handling them for me. My bridesmaids and friends have stepped up to offer to do things I hadn’t even thought of (snacks during pictures anyone?).

But one of the sweetest things has been my cousin J.

J is one of our ushers and my only local cousin. He’s 20 and he’s a little wild. I wasn’t sure if I should ask him to be an usher–what if he thought it was dumb or he was a typical 20 year old guy and unreliable or what if he just didn’t care? But I did it anyhow. And he is so, so excited. It’s turned out to be a big deal to him and he is so sweet and ready to do anything. He even offered to drive an hour into the city “anytime” if I needed anything. I’m not sure what I would need in the way of help from a 20 year old guy, but the offer is so nice. I told him to be at the church at 1:45 and he told me he’d be there by 1:30. And then amended that to, I’ll just get a hotel room downtown so I’m around.

I’m sure there are lots of stories of WTF in the weeks before your wedding (and I’ll probably share a few of my own once the dust settles), but what are your stories of “I can’t believe how nice you’re being”? Especially from those who really surprised you!


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