Gifted & talented: Showers, guys & kids

Hive, buying gifts for everyone was a struggle. We want to show our family and friends how honored we are that they chose to stand up with us, support us and host in so many ways.

But how?

I scoured the boards, reread tons of posts (I found Mrs. Camera’s so helpful!), googled gift ideas…and then avoided it.

I mentioned what I gave as shower gifts–I narrowed it down to umbrellas (shower!) or bath products (shower!). And then I bought both. Because why make a decision when you can waffle for 24 whole hours more. And so the morning of my shower had me grabbing some white paper bags and pastel tissue, and finally deciding to go with bath products.

Mary Bridal Shower 26 03.29.14

And Mrs. Campfire and Mrs. Panda, without whom I would have no invitations, both got a super cute print from local paper boutique Orange Beautiful.

And then came all the gifts for the wedding. I had a ridiculous list of ideas that I could use for the shower or the wedding, and it was all over the place. You know when you just start going in circles? You keep revisiting the same thing over and over again but you’ve already done all the thinking. The only thing left is to choose. I stayed there for weeks.

The Flower Girl (she gets a monogram) too and the groomsmen weren’t so bad. My groomsmen gift idea list wasn’t quite as extensive (mostly compiled from people who talked about both kinds of gifts) but I had some good choices. Fancy alcohol, flasks, pocket knives, shaving sets, watches and cufflinks appear a lot and for good reason. Boys apparently all want alcohol or cigars. We considered several of those, but as soon as Shamrock heard my best idea, we were done. (Too bad I couldn’t pick a gift for my girls as easily).

Personalized bar glasses, ftw.


From Solutions

You can get etched or screen printed glasses at a huge range of prices, but screen printed are generally more expensive. Etsy has a great selection of etched glass (or you could even DIY it like Mrs. Jet Setter) but screen printed glasses were tougher to come by, especially in small numbers (a $50 set up fee plus $8 a glass, times three groomsmen, was a little more than I wanted to pay). We were resigned to paying $60 for a set of 4 from Uncommon Goods (maybe), when a last second search turned up the glasses above at Solutions. They aren’t quite as cute of a design, but at $40/4 a lot more affordable—especially once I found a 25% off coupon code.

For the ushers we went very lame and got them ties. We are sorry ushers–we lost all the energy to be creative. I also got a cooking glass gift certificate for my dad & his wife (plus individual gifts). And for the ring bearer, I actually picked up a gift on my bachelorette weekend. We stopped in Del Sol (which was a total throwback to Hypercolor–remember that?) and I grabbed a set of color-changing beach toys for him. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me…it was COOL.

Still on the list? Gifts for our moms, readers and my girls–we’ll cover those after I actually give them since they all read this.

What did you/your fiancé get the groomsmen? The ring bearer? Guys are hard!


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