It’s here. MC is on her way and my bridesmaids will arrive a little later, and then our carefully crafted timeline takes over. Rain is holding steady at a 30% chance of storms this afternoon/evening.

But none of it matters.

Last night, I met Shamrocks’s uncle from Texas and hung out with my family from Texas–they were thrilled to find they were all Aggies. My dad’s family took a million pictures of my cousins and I, who haven’t all been together in ages. And Shamrock spoke. For a long time which is totally unlike Shamrock and it was so touching (he even had the cutest surprise for me–I’ll tell you all about it soon!

In a few hours, I will walk down 122 feet (sheesh) of aisle and meet Shamrock.

I’m so excited (with a big dose of overwhelmed) to marry Shamrock, to start on the rest of our adventure in earnest. To buy a house and move on going a honeymoon and see what’s next. There’s no one else I’d rather have with me.

Today is one quick shift, the twist of a kaleidoscope. Just one thing. But everything, even the parts that look pretty much the same, will be just a little bit different. We’ll be navigating life as we instead of I–not just what to have for dinner but all the big things too. And some things are no longer the same. My sister will no longer be my Person, the most important one for me to look out for. Family becomes us.

My friends are all hanging out and excited and it’s time to be the bride. Happy wedding day fellow brides! (And I appreciate your continued no rain thoughts!)


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