Last Saturday, I walked down the aisle at my church and married my best friend in a beautiful ceremony. We took lots of gorgeous pictures (including a quick stop at our new house!), made a grand (wet) entrance, had a delicious dinner and a fabulous reception. Almost all of those things were good.

My fellow Chicagoans know it POURED Saturday evening, just as our outdoor cocktail hour was supposed to start. It stopped within an hour, but it was enough to both mess up our cocktail hour and move the night’s dancing inside. Such is life. All in all though, it was an absolutely amazing day–and by the end of dinner we were able to go outside with our photographer and get some beautiful shots…one of which she shared the very next day!



Caili Helsper Photography

We’re off on our honeymoon in Germany (I’m writing this at 3:30 am because I can’t adjust to change–I’ve been up for two hours and I can’t fall back asleep!) but I’ve got a post or two scheduled and can’t wait to tell you about our day when I get back!

MRS. Clover

Oh, and if you have any tips on how the heck I can get some sleep I’d appreciate them–nothing that typically makes people tired works on me (Benadryl, codeine, etc do nothing to my sleepy level).


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