How to Plan Your Sister’s Wedding

My friend Crafty shared this with me ages ago–on one of our wedding-crafting weekends–and I thought it was both pretty funny and pretty helpful. I’m still on my honeymoon (don’t worry I scheduled this post). 

Crafty’s sister is engaged, and wants to get married, but has no interest in planning the actual wedding. Crafty’s all over planning things, so she offered to plan the wedding. The problem? They can’t seem to get anywhere.

Here are the conditions Crafty started with:
1) Crafty Sis told her she’d rather have someone else plan her wedding
2) They are having a secular ceremony, so there’s no church to consider
3) They aren’t considering a destination wedding because it would be cost prohibitive for a few people that they truly want there
4) We have a gigantic family that we actually see on a regular basis — their guest list isn’t made up of long-lost relatives. It’s people who they would rather share the celebration with (who would be deeply hurt if not invited).
5) I included the question about parental contributions because I know our parents are planning to contribute — I’ve heard it from both my parents.
In short, they’re having a 250 person wedding, they want an evening sit down meal and they want to do it for $15,000. [You can feel however you want about that; this is what Crafty is working with.] She’s found some options but she’d like to narrow down what exactly she’s looking for before doing more research.
But see above–they’re stuck. So Crafty decided to create this handy wedding questionnaire so they could give her a little more guidance–maybe it will help you too! (Its really long, so I embedded the document instead of pasting it.)
They still haven’t returned it (we think maybe it was too long & thorough?), but hopefully it will give Crafty something to work with. And if you’re just getting started it might give you some food for thought too.  (And I’m flattered that she used a lot of my early posts to help her put together her questions!)
Have you planned a wedding for someone else? What should Crafty ask next?

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