Wedding Recon

Since Shamrock and I were engaged for 14 months (this teacher wanted to get married in the summer!), we were lucky enough to attend three weddings as an engaged couple–and all of them were in May!

It was great to get to celebrate with our friends, and even more fun that each wedding was very different. Two of the three weddings were friends we hang out with regularly, so there were five or so couples at all 3 weddings.

We opted for a pretty traditional plated meal, but we were actually the only ones–there was a buffet, family style and stations (like Mrs. Camera had). One was on a boat, one was in a barn, and one at a historic mansion on the lake (ok, that part was pretty similar to ours).


Not our friends wedding but same location. At County Line Orchard by Heather DeCamp Photography

There was a large wedding, a medium and one very small, with only one guest apiece plus their parents and one sibling. Some had a planner and some did not, some were into all the details, others were not. One had an online rsvp, one went paper, and one had none at all. Two were in a church and two were not (although three of the four had the same pastor!)


Oh, hey, Hardy–this one’s our wedding but at wedding two of three he paused at our pew and mouthed “you’re next!” | Caili Helsper Photography

It was such a fun experience to be able to share with our friends–but it was practical too.

After each wedding, we talked about things we hadn’t yet considered, noted things we wanted to have happen and made sure we were on the same page.

At one wedding, Shamrock was right there when the groom asked the photographer for a picture with his parents–and not the bride. She was surprised, and maybe a little bit hurt. Shamrock was sure to tell me he wanted a picture alone with all of his siblings and we had a quick conversation about what big family pictures we and our parents wanted–all good things to discuss in advance.

We weren’t going to do a menu, but appreciated knowing what we were eating at our friends enough to decide to make our own.

Caili Helsper Photography_Mike Mary Reception Details WEB_0037

Our menu, courtesy of the fab Caili Helsper (Blurriness not her fault–that’s what happens when you print last second)

The dance floor was full & fun at both larger weddings, but we danced a lot more at one of them. Why? We are not that cool (I couldn’t figure out how to say that–we’re lame?). Shamrock actually told our DJ we graduated in the early ’00s, and so did many of our guests to help with what music would be good for our reception. People with better musical taste would probably cringe at our play list, but it worked out well for us.

It was also just fun to experience weddings as a guest, and with so many great friends. I had a blast really getting to know my good (male) friend’s girlfriend (now fiancee!) at one wedding. Shamrock is crossing his fingers we get invited to their wedding, because she told us there was a tradition in her small town that if you get married before an older sibling, the sibling has to dance in a hog trough in the middle of the wedding. It wouldn’t happen at hers, but it sounded like such fun he’d love to attend a wedding in her hometown!

(And you know what would have been the perfect way to end this post? A photo of all of the newly married couples–one that BM Mathlete recommended we get and I totally forgot. Darn it!)

Did you attend any weddings while you were engaged? Was it helpful in your own planning? Anyone else ever had three in a month?!


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