The Week of the Wedding

The original plan involved school getting out a week and a half before the wedding, but four snow days later my last day of school ended up being Tuesday the week of the wedding. We had our final meeting with our pastor (he likes to cut things close) and MOH Sis flew in that same night. And then it was on.

Our goal was to have everything ready to go over to the venue on Thursday so we would be able to relax on Friday (and to give us some wiggle room if we went over). I had a fair number of projects, but my goal was to have them all wrapped up the week prior–and for the most part I did. The only thing I had left on Thursday morning was a full mock up of the candy bar, which Crafty would be setting up at the reception. It ultimately took me maybe 30 minutes, but I needed the entire dining room table to do it and I could not get the darn table. Shamrock was in charge of the photo display and procrastinated, so he & MOH Sis ended up monopolizing all of the surfaces for a few hours. It turned out great though! Our venue really wasn’t conducive to a slideshow, and I nixed posterboards (this isn’t a science fair)…this just looked like a great family photo display in the library, and since rain moved the cocktail hour inside, many of our guests saw it!

Caili Helsper Photography_Mike Mary Reception Details WEB_0020

Just some of the photos | Caili Helsper Photography

The whole day was pretty funny actually…Mama Clover scheduled a cleaning service to come, they came while we were finishing up the photos, so we were trying to get out of their way. So we figured we’d wash all the candy bar jars….which is when we found out a neighbor had turned the water off! I did my mock up and directions, the photos were packed up for transport and the couple other boxes we had were ready to go (80% of our stuff was candy or photos). We stuffed Shamrock’s car to the gills and my family & I hopped in my car and headed the couple blocks to the venue.


Personal photo

Our venue does two events in a day, but as luck would have it there were no other Saturday events, and the coordinator let us set up our full photo display Thursday—a huge help for Mama Clover & Crafty’s set up operation! And we were able to put everything for the candy bar in the dining room, ready to be set out.

Other than a few firm deadlines (like “drop off at venue on Thursday”) I was pretty laidback about scheduling. This wasn’t a big deal, and I never felt stressed, but I did wish I’d planned a little better for several things, notably getting my nails done with my bridesmaids. Overall we were busy but not too much. I actually feel like I spent a fair amount of time waiting for people to be ready for me!

And after all that hurry up and wait…it was really the wedding weekend. I changed into my rehearsal dinner dress and the fun began. Also, Crafty showed up and started taking pictures, so this is my last one without many photos.

How was your week before the wedding? A whirlwind? Relaxed? Anyone leave a big project til the last minute?


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