Lucky in Love: We Rehearse

I’ve been waiting a long time for this…14 months of planning, doing projects, getting showered and making big decisions finally came together on June 21. And now it’s time for the recaps (with special thanks to Mrs. Goat for the awesome logo!)….


The night before the wedding, I stayed at the Four Seasons right across the street from the church. So once I got changed, I headed downstairs to meet my bridesmaids in the lobby and cross the street.

My church is big and pretty and they DO weddings. The coordinator is a full time staff member and every wedding has three additional assistants: brides, grooms, runner. They keep strictly to their schedule and everything runs like clockwork. They actually told us all we needed to do was show up at the right place and they’d make sure all the rest happened. So they walked us through our ceremony, starting with everyone in position at the front, going through the ceremony, recessing and then practicing the processional (once we all knew where to stand).


We finished the rehearsal pretty quickly and people started heading over to Gino’s East for our Chicago pizza rehearsal dinner. It was really important to me to invite all of our out of town family to the rehearsal dinner, so it was a pretty big group. There was a ridiculous amount of food, and then Shamrock (who isn’t a big speaker, public or otherwise) wanted to talk.

You guys…he talked & talked & talked! He was so nervous (I stood up at the front with him and he was shaking at first) but he did a great job. And then he told me had something for me. Remember when we got engaged? He had a piggy bank and he told me it would make a mess and I was convinced it was glitter? But we got engaged instead, so that was good too?


Caili Helsper Photography | all others by Crafty

He glittered piggy (he still didn’t know where to find glitter; he had to google it). And then he put piggy under a glass dome. Tangent: When we were registering at Macy’s there was a cloche that I wanted to register for, but it was on clearance so instead we just bought it for me for Christmas. Shamrock did not get it at all and thought it was silly, but I told him everything looks classier under glass. See Piggy up there? When he finished, he turned to me and said, “You were right. Everything does look better under glass.”

And with that, our rehearsal dinner was over. We signed the wall (Gino’s big thing is graffiti). (Apparently our ringbearer is hiding behind me in the picture.)

Mary and Mike Rehearsal Dinner

BM Mathlete and GM BFF joined MOH Sis, Crafty & I for a quick stop at Cheesecake Factory for a little more dessert. Shamrock felt strongly about not seeing each other until the church, so he headed off to a bar with his crew. The five of us hung out for a while in my hotel room, enjoying our cheesecake and a treat from the Four Seasons, until it was time for bed.

Surprise chocolate at Four Seasons

Stuffed and happy, MOH Sis, Crafty and I went to bed.

Where there any surprises at your rehearsal dinner? Has your other half ever glittered anything?



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