Lucky In Love: Getting Ready

Bright & early on June 21, MOH Sis, Crafty and I headed downstairs for breakfast with MC, BM Blondie and BM Mathlete. MC was in another wedding at the same time as ours, so it was great to be able to hang out and have breakfast with her and get our hair done.


Personal Photo–writing a quick note to Shamrock| All others by Caili Helsper Photography

The Four Seasons is on top of the 900 N Michigan mall, so we didn’t have to leave the building for breakfast (Oak Tree) or to get pretty (Mario Tricoci salon). I ended up giving my girls gift cards to get their hair done (I coordinated the appointments but let them pick which services they wanted), along with a more personal gift for each girl. I really struggled with if that was ok or not, but after a long discussion with another friend, we determined we both have bridesmaid gifts we never use—a smaller personal item, showing I put some thought into it, combined well with a higher value gift. All of us are over 30 and don’t need knick knacks, so I think this was a good decision and they were all grateful.

MC headed off to the other wedding (she was at a coworkers wedding, and a third coworker got married on the same day—there are 8 teachers at our school getting married this summer!) and we headed upstairs to get ready.


Meanwhile, our second shooter Amanda was hanging out with the guys.


Getting ready isn’t the most exciting process, but most bridal party members make the best of it. Our ringbearer tried, but…. NBored

(These pictures crack me up!) Being a grown up is boring, guys! He did see some action when he demonstrated his new shoe-tying skills for his uncle though.

Did you have friends getting ready with you or just your bridal party?


Miss something? Up first, we rehearsed.


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