Lucky In Love: Ceremony Details

And with that, we headed over to the church.


We didn’t decorate the church since its so pretty on it’s own, but we had some sweet details I loved. Although the ‘maids flowers weren’t what I expected, mine were perfect.


Flower Girl enjoyed her pretty flower ball. For Ringbearer, my mom found a fairly plain ringbearer pillow at a resale shop (OMG you guys…it was originally over $50?!?!). Shamrock’s dad (Ringbearer’s Grandpa) passed away before we met. We wanted to do something to honor him, so his mom gave us his military pin and his service pin from the steel mill. It was a really nice way to keep him a part of the ceremony. Ringbearer took his job representing grandpa SUPER seriously, too.


My mom’s parents were married at the same church sixty some years ago, so I wore the pearls my grandma gave me as a graduation present. We were really close, and I know it would have meant a lot to her to see me get married in the same church they did.


Our ushers escorted guests to their seats and passed out programs. They were pretty simple, mostly just the order of service and a list of the bridal party. We mentioned our relatives that couldn’t be with us in these as well.

CHP_MikeMaryCeremony-1 - Version 2

We tried to carry over the look of our invitations, which I will now show you a picture of because Caili’s pictures are way better than mine and I spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort on these suckers.

CHP_MikeMaryGettingReady-29 2

As part of our parent gifts, our three parents got a parent of the ___ hankie. Our moms are sentimental, so they loved it, and my dad’s impossible to shop for anyhow (I’m not kidding myself that he’ll use it again, but it was a nice gesture). I procrastinated bad on this one, but Mrs. Gloves & her hubby helped me out and did them super quick…guess who does the embroidery!


Shamrock surprised me with a gift—Ticket to Ride Germany, for our honeymoon (I love Ticket to Ride; to date I have had nine friends or family buy the game after playing with me—it’s awesome and you should get it too!).


And then the pastor gathered us for a prayer, and it was time to head downstairs.


It was almost time to go…

How did you remember the family members who couldn’t be there? Anyone else obsessed with Ticket to Ride (sorry couldn’t help it)?


Miss something?


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