Lucky In Love: We Process

Finally, it was time. I’ve mentioned before that my church has a lot of rules, and one of them is that the photographer may never pass the last seated guest (it’s a church service, not a photo shoot)—so these and all the other ceremony pictures are all taken from behind the guests. Caili didn’t bat an eye about the rules and our pictures turned out fantastic. Our guests waited for the ceremony to start.


Our mothers were escorted, my mom with my Uncle R (her younger brother) and MIL by her other son.Momsaisle


The bridesmaids processed to Canon in D Major.



Ringbearer very seriously escorted Flower Girl down the aisle—he’s a lot shyer than she is but he was very brave for her. It was adorable.



And then it was our turn—Clover Dad and I headed down the aisle to Fanfare-Trumpet Voluntary in D Major (but on the organ).




It was a loooong aisle! And this is one of my very shots from the whole day–so beautiful.



(Unfortunately there aren’t really any pictures of Shamrock as I come down the aisle because a guest stood in the center of the aisle—he actually had to take several steps to be able to peek around and see me at all.) And then the part we’d been looking forward to for over a year began! We spent a lot of time on putting together our ceremony, so I’ll share that as well as the pictures in my next post.


All photos by Caili Helsper Photography


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