Lucky In Love: The Best of Both Worlds

We were married in my Presbyterian Church but Shamrock is Catholic, so we wanted to do our best to put together a ceremony incorporating both of our faiths. I promised to tell you what that ended up looking like, which I realize is pretty boring if you are not having a mixed faith wedding, so, you know, pictures.

We started off our process by outlining the basic order of service at my church, as provided by the church coordinator (with modifications by BM Mathlete) is this:

  • Call to Worship
  • Hymn
  • Statement on the Gift of Marriage
  • Prayer
  • Declaration of Intent & Affirmation of the Congregation
  • Psalm (responsive)
  • Readings
  • Homily
  • Vows & Rings
  • Blessing
  • Prayer & Lord’s Prayer
  • Announcement of Marriage
  • Benediction

A Catholic service sounds like it would look like this (using references from Mrs. DumplingMrs. SunhatMrs. Gloves, and Mrs. Potion)

  • Greeting & blessing
  • Prayer (communal)
  • Readings (Old Testament, psalm, New Testament–often with songs in between or even replacing the psalms)
  • Homily
  • Vows and rings
  • Prayers & Lord’s Prayer
  • Blessing

Then we discussed some different things–how much participation did we want from the congregation? What were specific parts of the service that were important to us? For instance, Shamrock said that there usually isn’t much participation in a Catholic ceremony. And after meeting with the pastor who will be marrying us, we landed on an Order of Service we’re both pretty happy with! The parts of the service are bolded below, with any comments in plain.

We left off at the end of the aisle. Doesn’t Shamrock look so excited?


Sentences of Scripture & Call to Worship

Statement on the Gift of Marriage 


Hymn: All Creatures of Our God and King

Prayer (read by MIL)

Declaration of Intent (this is also important for Catholics, and we’d done the same when we met with the Priest several months before LINK??)

Affirmation of the Congregation

CHP_MikeMaryCeremony-70Reading: Proverbs 3:3-6 (done by my Dad’s wife)

Psalm 96 (sung responsively)—my Presbyterian church does these maybe once a year, but we do them every Sunday in Catholic church. The organist was really excited for this since he’d never done it in a wedding before, although our pastor was a little ambivalent. It went great though! We just printed the responsorial in our program and people followed right along.

Reading: Philippians 4:4-9 (done by my college roommate)

Homily—The Pastor did such a nice job with this. I’ve known him for years and Shamrock now knows him pretty well too and he really represented us well.


Solo: How Great Thou Art

Vows (Cracks me up. We’re both all sentimental, the Pastor is making a face and MOH Sis is looking at him like “what are you doing?)




Prayer and Lords Prayer

Communion: Communion was out originally because there can’t be “our” communion and we didn’t want something “his” or “mine” as part of our ceremony. But we reconsidered and ended up doing communion and it went fine. Presbyterians have open communion, which means anyone can take communion (so the Catholics could as well) but I do wish I’d written something about it in our bulletin. I think some people just weren’t sure they were allowed—I don’t think my students took communion and I know most of them go to church. We knew we’d have some guests who didn’t want to take communion, and that was fine too. Also, we sat during communion and my shoes peeked out and looked really cute. So it turns out they were visible after all.


Declaration of Marriage (the kissing part–our friends the month before were excellent church kissers. We were very intimidated.)


Marriage Blessing and Benediction

And then the important part was over.


Back up the aisle (to Rondeau), this time together, where we hide while the church empties onto Michigan Avenue and we’re introduced for the first time.


This is so much fun—at BM Mathlete’s wedding, I was next to a tall man screaming his head off as they came out the door. In shorts. And a tank top. Who had never met them. But man, was he ever excited.


With the major stuff done, it was time for fun. We were off to take some pictures on our way to the reception!


Did you mix faiths in your ceremony? How did it go?

All photos by Caili Helsper Photography


Miss something?


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