Lucky In Love: Strike a Pose

Fair warning: If you remember from my post on our engagement pictures, we are most definitely not models. So, we’re awkward. But we tried!

We left off outside the church, where we had just been announced. We headed right back inside to take extended family portraits (3) (I’ll spare you the family ones, since they look just like everyone else’s but with my family in my church.)


There were great casual shots…


And adorable posed pictures…


(These were all taken before the ceremony, which is why they don’t have bouts yet.)


These shots were taken in the Garth (a courtyard) at the church…the same place where we got engaged! (Oh hey, ushers! Glad someone’s suits fit!) (Also, every short person in this picture is related to the two of us. All of the tall people are not. Apparently we are only friends with tall people?)


Then we made a couple quick stops on the way to the reception…the first at a bridge:


And the second at Buckingham Fountain. It really is pretty, and Shamrock used to live right nearby so we would walk over there all the time.


There are plenty of fantastic pictures from all of these places, but I’m trying not to bore you here. Our final stop was a very quick one in my mom’s church garden (previously seen here–where Mrs. Stiletto had her first look. She got married in the church I grew up in!)


The rest of the wedding party stayed in the limo for this one; Mama Clover just wanted one or two pictures. Immediately after this picture, as they started to tell us to do something else, and I said, “Nope, that’s fine, she only wants a couple and we have to go. I think its going to rain.” Famous. Last. Words. I made it inside the limo, followed by Shamrock, Caili and Amanda. And by the time the last person got in, ready for our four block trip, it had started to rain.

All photos by Caili Helsper Photography


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