Lucky In Love: A (Not so?) Grand Entrance

Ahem…sorry for the absence. Potential excuses: a) I started school b) we sold my condo c) we finished moving (not to be confused with “are moved in”) d) I moved classrooms too for good measure e) I’m apparently no longer an organized person. Or just, you know, sorry. Before I vanished, I shared our reception details

Fresh from our little photo shoot, we pulled up to the reception in a downpour.


Except much, much wetter | Cheney Mansion

See that front door? That’s where we needed to get in. And we were on the other side of that fence, in a limo on the street. Our brave photographers asked for plastic bags to protect their equipment and went in right away–they had pictures to get! I, on the other hand, figured we could circle the block and maybe it would stop? (Yeah, no wonder the photographers didn’t believe me.) Finally, there was no escaping it. We had to go in.

Inside, Crafty had gathered umbrellas and my uncle and MOH Sis’ BF had come out to rescue us. It was REALLY pouring guys. But we had waited long enough. BM Mathlete took charge and told me to take off my shoes, stashing them in her purse. MOH Sis called her BF to come right up to the car. And I hiked my dress up (WAY up), and went for it. (Warning: Slightly indecent picture below, but it makes me laugh.)

photo (1)

iPhone photo by Crafty. Check out the huge puddles. She apologizes for the blurriness.

And that is how I arrived in the middle of my crowded cocktail hour barefoot with dress around my waist. Since my legs were soaked, I couldn’t drop the dress all the way down right away, and had to wait a second to dry out a little as Shamrock and the rest of the bridal party made it inside. People started to notice as I left my dress down…


All remaining photos by Caili Helsper Photography

Good thing I don’t think of myself as super classy–definitely not how I envisioned entering my reception! But, honestly, a much better memory. I’m still a bit disappointed about the cocktail hour, but that barefoot, bare-legged entrance had me cracking up even as it happened!


Meanwhile guests signed the guestbook.


And relaxed throughout the first floor–my awesome cousin only had that sweet baby (held by her brother) six weeks before and still made the trip from Texas to Chicago–with her 3 year old too!


Notice BM Mathlete and her husband on the left–I found out afterward that the Pastor almost didn’t make it to give a prayer. In addition to our 2:30 wedding he was doing the 5 pm wedding, which started late because there were no flowers AND then a groomsman passed out…not to mention driving to the reception in a huge rainstorm! They were texting him and writing their own prayer to give if he didn’t make it.

And then it was time for toasts…



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