Lucky In Love: Toasted

Soon enough, we headed down the stairs for our slightly-more-grand entrance. After a few words, it was time for the toasts.


All photos by Caili Helsper Photography

First up was MOH Sis. You may recall MOH Sis had never been in a wedding and researched and pinterested the heck out of every aspect of her duties (which is extra funny when you consider she asked for an ax for Christmas–she’s much more into camping than crafting). She also wasn’t thrilled to speak in front of others but she did a fantastic job.


And she kicked off her job by thrusting two drinks into our hands for the toasts (no one, including us, thought of that) and grabbing our dad’s for herself. She gave me a glass of “I think that’s water” while Shamrock got a glass of “no clue sorry”…and I think she got tonic water judging by the face she made when she drank it! (Helpful hint: Put someone in charge of getting you a drink. Or your sister will steal the spares off a table.) She did a beautiful job despite being nervous. It was touching and heartfelt, and had just enough specific information to be extra funny but not so much that everyone not in on the joke is going, “huh??”


She also wrote me a separate “toast” in the form of a card on the morning of the wedding, with all the stuff that was too personal to say in a room full of people–that one was so sweet it made me cry.

Next up was Shamrock’s brother with his toast. He may look unprepared, but don’t be fooled. He has no paper because he memorized his whole toast–and delivered it flawlessly.


Also note that Shamrock is just smiling like a normal person during these toasts, while I’m all over the place.

And finally, Clover Dad was up. He had been looking forward to (and researching–guess it runs in the family) his toast for ages. After a minor timeline hiccup where he kept insisting he was going to toast during dinner (no Dad, no one is doing ANYTHING during dinner–we’re in different rooms), we determine he would go last and invite everyone to dinner after his toast.


He really did a fantastic job–my friends who had never met him were telling me how it was one of the best Father of the Bride toasts they’d heard. He took it very seriously, and it really was touching.


And with that, it was time to cut the cake. Our cocktail hour was pretty cramped, so we really didn’t make a big deal out of it. We just grabbed the knife and cut a piece.


Oh, and about the content of the toasts: Since you don’t actually *know* us, I figured the details don’t matter here. But…Later that night, Shamrock’s cousin (who I’ve met before) came up and told me what he had learned from the toasts was that I must be pretty quirky so we should hang out more so he can get to know me. Thanks…I think? But hey, I guess they were pretty accurate since I think I am that quirky.


Catch up on our story:




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