Lucky In Love: I Spy Dinner

With the toasts and cake cutting wrapped up, our guests headed in for dinner. The only thing that happened during (before) dinner was the prayer–the pastor made it just in time to ask the blessing. (Saving my backup to the backup from needing to say the prayer–our first option was my childhood pastor who was sadly unable to make it to the wedding last minute due to health issues.)


The food was excellent! One of my first posts was about choosing a caterer, but I don’t think I ever updated you on our pick. We had 8ish caterers to choose from, ranging from some of the fanciest caterers in the Chicago area to pretty low-budget (picnic/BBQ type) caterers. We opted for Twomaytoz, a local caterer with much more reasonable prices than some of the upscale caterers, but the food was delicious. Their menu wasn’t quite as extensive as others, but ultimately your guests will only see a few choices regardless of how big the menu starts out. And our caterer’s restaurant was only three blocks away (which ended up coming in handy). Our photographers even took pictures of the lasagna and the salmon!


We were actually told to expect 60% of our guests to order beef, but it was well under 50%, which was a (cost saving) surprise–the vegetarian was also more popular than anticipated. And soooo good. I’m not sure if more people ordered the lasagna because they were chicken types and didn’t want the fish or what.

Our youngest guests got my mom’s coloring books and age-appropriate toys, but I wanted something fun for our adult guests too.


This was another one of those last minute projects that I didn’t get a chance to post about. After our month of weddings, we knew we’d like to give our guests a menu too. But the menu was blank on the back, and I’d seen other brides do I Spy…


Mrs. Meerkat‘s is one of the most popular

So I decided to do one too! I’d heard mixed results–they were a hit at some weddings and not one person did it at others. Our venue had all kinds of cool details both in the historical inside and the beautifully landscaped outside. I wanted guests to at least know what was there even if they didn’t go check it out. (I actually really wanted to do a scavenger hunt, regardless of whether or not anyone actually used it, and this seemed like a good compromise.)


This one ended up happening pretty last minute. Meerkat shared her template with me, but I was doing my menus three to a page, so it ended up being quicker to create my own formatting (in Word, because I’m fancy like that). I had three different cards, partly because I had so many details I wanted to incorporate (you can see them below), which I thought was fun (the kind of detail I’d notice if I was a guest even if no one else did). The colors turned out not amazing, but whatever. This was one of my last-days-of-school projects and I was pretty over it–I just liked coming up with all the things for people to look for. Disclaimer again: It isn’t amazing. I’m really sharing it so you can have my lists without retyping them if you’re interested, because I gave up on getting the colors to look decent and they’re the stock fonts from my mac, because, you know, five days before the wedding I was not about to learn to download fonts. Basically, I used my worksheet formatting skills because I have no graphic design skills…

I know results vary on these, but I should have had more faith in my guests–several people did it. My friends were particularly into it–my friend L asked Shamrock to pose in front of our M (groom AND favorite decoration). When I saw him setting up the picture, I asked if he wanted me in it and a quick consultation with his I Spy card told him no…”but if you could find a bridesmaid, that’d be great.” Seconds later, MOH Sis came down the stairs and he grabbed her, shouting “You! Bridesmaid! Picture with the bride!” It was priceless.

Other friends told me they had fun with it too, so overall I’m definitely glad I went for it.

Did you have I Spy at your wedding? Did anyone actually do it?

All photos by Caili Helsper Photography


Catch up with the Clover wedding:




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