The Clovers Return

Um, hi.

I got thisclose to finishing my recaps and then vanished. Sorry? Life got busy, no pressing deadlines, etc.

But I’m back! And ready to wrap this show up. It’s been, um, almost a year, so here’s a quick refresher:

I’m a high school math teacher and Shamrock’s a consultant in Chicago. We got engaged after just a year of dating and started planning our wedding for 14 months later (teachers on summer break!).


Photo by Caili Helsper Photography

We got married at Fourth Presbyterian church in downtown Chicago–choosing my church was an easy decision, making our Presbyterian-Catholic marriage work for both of us was a bit trickier (but don’t worry we’re doing fine!).


Photo by Caili Helsper Photography

We (I) spent forever trying to figure out which venue was right for us, deciding that a change in location was worth it for us. Of course, then I over-researched catering and got way too into choosing a photographer.


And of course, there were projects:

By the end, I started getting a little anxious, but I finally realized you can’t please everyone (and you’re probably doing a better job than you thought!)

And before I vanished, I kicked off my recaps. Wanna catch up?


Up next? The candy bar! [aka the post I wrote but dragged my feet on just adding photos to for almost a year.]

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