Lucky in Love: And We Danced

Even though I spend a lot of time on the details (even the ones that weren’t), what really matters are the people. We were so blessed that we had so many family members travel to celebrate with us and so many friends come to support us.

After dinner, we headed upstairs for dancing (remember, it was supposed to be outside, but sometimes rain happens).

We danced together. (Ahem, to “A Whole New World” because you already know how cool we were. And yes, we know all the words.)


Then we each danced with our parents:



And then our guests took over.


In between dancing, we found time to socialize with our guests, take a routine sorority-girl picture (Anchors Aweigh!) and enjoy the evening.


Our DJ did a great job. At one point, the dance floor was packed and we were all having a great time. As the song ended, he put on something different and people rapidly started fleeing. He cleared the dance floor! And then my dad came up, so proud that he had found the song “Mary’s Wedding” and the DJ was playing it for him. Oh. Well, at least that explained it and the DJ was able to get the dance floor going again right away.



Obviously, my mini-me and I found some time to do the Slope Dance (I never said I was cool–key refrain is “positive, negative, zero, undefined”)


But people still had fun!



Shamrock’s cousin’s son must have slept so well that night…he never left the dance floor!


And before we knew it, the night was winding down. It was almost time to go.

Did anyone request any random music for your wedding? Anyone else pick a super-uncool first dance song?



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