Gingerbread Party 2014

Children’s Division: 5 pm Judging

Amateur Division: 7 pm Judging

Professional Division: 8 pm Judging

There are two divisions adults can enter their houses under, Amateur and Professional. (If this is all too much for you, you’re an amateur and everything will be fine. If you’re in it to win, keep reading for this years guidelines.)

General Rules:

  • All decorations must be edible
  • You may bring your own additional decorations but must share them

Amateur houses

  • Standard gingerbread house structure
  • Decorated with standard decorations (those provided to all guests)
  • May have some additional decoration, but fully decorated boards would be considered entrants into the pro division.

Professional houses

  • Any sort of gingerbread structure
  • May use a max of 18 crackers
  • May supply own materials (but must share)
  • All materials must be edible
  • If you are an architect/designer/engineer/cookie ninja this is your division.

This year, there will be two non-entrants serving as division judges. Non-entrants are defined as an individual who is neither entering or closely connected to an entrant (as a significant other, for instance). All guests vote, the division judges only determine all houses are classified correctly. Please let Mary know if you are available to serve as a division judge.


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